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Torrent Download Sites - Their Use & Safety Guidelines

Torrent sites help you download content (music, movie, software applications, etc) from the web in a more efficient and faster way. People always confuse torrent downloads to illegal downloads. On the contrary, downloading content from the web through free torrent sites like Utorrent, Torrentz or Bittorrent is perfectly legal. When it comes to using P2P or Peer to Peer technology, which the torrent sites are using, you should learn to differentiate three things namely, a site that uses this technology, the files that are available for download in such websites and thirdly, the torrent search engine that allows you to search for the required content easily. Torrent is just a technology that we have access to, but the websites that use this technology do not control the content that is posted for downloading. The search engine for torrents is just a program that pulls out all the relevant results from the various torrent websites across the web. It is therefore the responsibility of the users to choose their torrent downloads carefully but with a bit of discretion. Thanks to the Peer to Peer technology that allows us to download the content that we want fast. For those who are on time-based internet plans this technology comes as a great money saver while downloading massive files. When you are downloading your files choose sources that have the highest number of seeders and it will improve the downloading speed further. Safety Guidelines For Using Torrent Websites. You will be able to find various types of torrent feeds such as movie torrent, music torrent, book torrent and so on. New torrents are added everyday giving you access to a huge collection of downloadable content. However, you will have to make sure that your online safety is not jeopardised in any way when you are making use of the free torrents that you come across in your online search. Here are few useful tips or guidelines that will help you stay protected when you are going for a Bittorrent download. When you make a Bittorrent search you are likely to get a number of files lined up for you to download. From the long list of files available for download, you should select the best torrents. In other words, you should choose only the most reputed and the most popular sources. Do not go around making random clicks just by looking at the title of the file. There can be misleading file names in the list, so double check things before you click on the links. This might sound to be a very trivial guideline but this of course goes a long way in safeguarding your online safety. You need to be extra careful when you are downloading any executable file or .exe file. Potentially harmful files can be lurking here. Similarly, when you happen to download any .rar file, before extracting the files make sure that you check the contents of the .rar file. It is always helpful to pay attention to the user comments and feedback in the torrent sites. This is where you can get your warnings if something is going to be wrong with the files that you are about to download. Do not ignore such warnings regardless of how desperate you are for that specific file. Before downloading the files from these sites, make sure that you have your antivirus running and active in your computer. Added to that, make sure that you have the most up to date virus definitions installed. This will protect your computer and the data in your computer from possible virus attacks. You need not be paranoid however; daily hundreds of people download files from various torrent sources without any problem or risk. You just need to be cautious so that you are not walking into the trap yourself. Most importantly, try to stay away from illegal content from the internet. Hackers prey on people that search for such content and upload malware and spyware disguised in the form of the file that you would like to download. Firstly, identify the best sites for downloading your files and bookmark the site so that you are not required to make a fresh search every time you want to download your files from a peer to peer network. Secondly, follow some standard procedure or follow a set of safety measures every time before you download a full torrent file. Such a disciplined approach will go a long way in keeping you out of trouble.